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Kill a while with these puzzle video games for iOS and Android

Kill a while with these puzzle video games for iOS and Android by Sam Leichtamer, Posted Jul seventh 2014 H:30PM As far as cellular video games go, puzzle and technique video games are my favourite. I’m fairly

Deep Sea Deli is a magnificent underwater world puzzle game for iOS

by Posted 28 April 2013 02.00 clock Last week we brought you an exclusive first look at

The Swapper – a clever claymation puzzle platformer – coming to Steam this spring

You’re going to want to keep in mind are The Swapper , a sidescrolling platform / puzzle game with a stunning art style and a killer central mechanic. You play an astronaut – or more specifically, astro

Create your own puzzle solutions in Draw Line on Games.com

by Brandy Posted 2 Clock February 2013 16:00 While many physics-based puzzle game, where you click , you’ll want to add or remove from the screen, you can actually create some elements within the environment on lines

Foggy Forest Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose one of 4 puzzle sizes, depending on how much of a challenge you seek. Then put your puzzle together as fast as you can. Drag pieces to where you want them, no flipping necessary. Can you

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Egypt

Use the mouse to move the pieces and complete the puzzle. Snap all 88 pieces in place to complete the image. Have a wonderful time trying to solve this Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Egypt! Surfnetkids Games