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Mass Effect spin-offs discussed by BioWare dev team – Garrus, Javik or Illusive Man could star

Bioware have been discussing what’s next for the Mass Effect series. Not in a “this is what’s happening” kind of way. More, “wouldn’t it be good if we did something like this, NOT THAT WE ARE.” Speaking

Good and bad Of The Citadel Mass Effect 3 DLC

DLC Mass Effect 3 has both

Published Reckoning DLC ​​Detailed, Trailer: Mass Effect 3

The definitive multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, called Reckoning comes, today, 26 February 2013, and a new trailer is here to celebrate the event. BioWare livestreamed took a look at the contents of a few

Mass Effect 3 DLC concludes with Citadel And Reckoning

We have reached the end of all things (for Mass Effect 3). To BioWare and Electronic Arts announced the final DLC for the 2012 RPG exploded in a press release with the multiplayer-focused on 26 Reckoning February

Mass Effect Voice Actor Robin Sachs Has Passed Away

BioWare announced some sad news today: Robin Sachs, who was the voice actor who played Zaeed Massani in the Mass Effect series, has died. In a post on the BioWare blog, the company said, "Our thoughts are

BLOG: Drive Mega Mass Effect and other crafty painting console

By Chris Scullion CVG UK Last week we showed you the incredible models by Custom Consoles “Zoki64 ‘. Inspired by his excellent work, we traveled the world to find you the best paintjobs custom console, the kind

Test Chamber – Mass Effect on PS3

Mass Effect Original finally became available on PS3 release of Mass Effect trilogy beginning This month, we check to see how it behaves on the Sony console. How the first match stack with hindsight? Watch as we

Next Mass Effect DLC Sounds Epic

Mass Effect 3 has been out for nearly eight months, but that doesn't mean the game's DLC release schedule is slowing down. The next batch of downloadable content will involve BioWare Edmonton's entire writing team. Some people

Mass Effect 3 DLC: BioWare ‘all hands on deck’ for next add-on

BioWare says it’s hard at work on new Mass Effect 3 DLC. “It’s all hands on deck for this one,” BioWare designer Jos Hendriks wrote on the studio’s official forums. “Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here

Operation: Detonator promises an explosive weekend Mass Effect 3 co-op

, Latest Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer event called Operation: Detonator and will run from today until Sunday. According