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Replay – Jedi Power Battles

Replay – Jedi Power Battles In honor of my time with Game Informer is nearing its end, The team let me choose the Replay this week – and for some reason I took pity on staff and

New Elder Scrolls Online dev Q&A details faction battles and siege warfare

New Elder Scrolls Online dev Q&A details faction battles and siege warfare Elder Scrolls Online developers are counting, at least in part, on the power of underdog alliances to help balance faction battles in their upcoming MMO,

Dungeon Hearts brings battles to match-three play on iPad

by Brandy Shaul, Posted Mar 31st 2013 2:00PM If you’re into the match-three battle gameplay of titles like 10 Million, and want something else to try on your iPad, Cube Roots and Devolver Digital have just released

Game Informal – Zoo Battles, Arcade Bars, And Kinect Workouts

Last Monday we posted a video of Game Informer's Jeff Cork and Tim Turi discussing the merits of Kinect FMVs and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there was an overwhelmingly positive response in the comments so we wanted to

World of Warcraft WOWkemon add-on turns pet battles into Pokémon punch-outs

Tossing spheres at vocabulary-strapped monsters sounds like madness, but Blizzard certainly must enjoy Pokémon’s idea, with its pet battles minigame stepping through the Mists of Pandaria in World of Warcraft. If you don’t already have a certain

Frenzied Battles Ignited With Deep Combat

Code of Princess embraces depth and simplicity with its combat in ways few titles have. Usually one trait is sacrificed for the other, but Code of Princess functions aptly as a beat ‘em up with some substance.